Hidden Playlist of The Resort

There is a hidden playlist within The Resort. This goes back to the original first draft, written in 2006. Each chapter was a song title and the mood was meant to take after the song. This was stripped in later versions, then restored. The working draft of the published book had the same concept, as a throwback to the first draft, until it was removed for publication purposes and separated into what is below.

By no means is this a concrete vision of The Resort. Each reader is more than welcome to insert their own mood, music and vision of The Resort into their own hidden playlist.

In the below playlist, the official artist’s Vevo account was used if there was in fact a Vevo release associated (as in, a music video or lyric video). There are a few exceptions to this rule:

  • Song 2 in the playlist: Gilli Moon’s “Need You Tonight” is through a pole dance video. This was the only available version on YouTube and is age-restricted.
  • Song 4 is only one half of the song, on the YouTube playlist. This is because the album release of Rihanna’s “Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary” is a two song track, and only one half was meant to be in the playlist.
  • Song 10 in the hidden playlist has been omitted from the YouTube playlist below, as no version of the song exists on YouTube. Instead, their Bandcamp page holds the correct song.

The Resort Hidden Playlist

  1. Britney Spears – Break the Ice (Blackout, Jive)
  2. Gilli Moon – Need You Tonight (Woman, Warrior Girl Music)
  3. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Heligoland, Virgin)
  4. Rihanna – Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary (Unapologetic, Def Jam Recordings)
  5. Deftones – Beware (Saturday Night Wrist, Maverick)
  6. Marilyn Manson – Slo-Mo-Tion (Born Villain, Cooking Vinyl)
  7. Framing Hanley – Built For Sin (The Moment, Silent Majority Group)
  8. Porcelain and the Tramps – Who’s Next (unreleased)
  9. Zeromancer – Filth Noir (Sinners International, Trisol)
  10. Sepiamusic – Make This Easier (Trenches, Quango Records)
  11. Ke$ha – C’mon (Warrior, Kemosabe Records)
  12. Adele – Turning Tables (21, XL Recordings)
  13. Globus – Orchard of Mines (Epicon, Imperativa Records)
  14. Nine Inch Nails – The Day the World Went Away (The Fragile, Nothing Records)
  15. She Wants Revenge – Save Your Soul (Save Your Soul, Perfect Kiss Records)
  16. Fall Out Boy – Mighty Fall (Save Rock and Roll, Island Records)
  17. Nine Inch Nails – Mr. Self Destruct (The Downward Spiral, Nothing Records)
  18. Britney Spears – Inside Out (Femme Fatale, Jive)
  19. Zedd ft. Foxes – Clarity (Clarity, Interscope Records)
  20. Katy Perry ft. Juicy J – Dark Horse (Prism, Capitol Records)
  21. 30 Seconds to Mars – End of All Days (Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams, Virgin)
  22. Nine Inch Nails – Where is Everybody? (The Fragile, Nothing Records)
  23. Puscifer – Breathe (Donkey Punch the Night, Puscifer Entertainment)
  24. The Birthday Massacre – Lovers End (Violet, Metropolis)
  25. 30 Seconds to Mars – A Beautiful Lie (A Beautiful Lie, Virgin)
  26. John Legend – Made to Love (Love in the Future, G.O.O.D. Music, Columbia Records)

Please consider supporting the artists mentioned above and buy the public releases of each. <3