The Resort

The Resort is the debut novel of indie author Jayda Myers.

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The Resort Synopsis

When quiet computer expert Aiden Gregory is coerced into visiting an adult resort with his best friend, he knows he’s out of his comfort zone. The Resort is a glitzy vacation spot for adults looking for hot sex and fast hook ups. Surrounded by nude beaches and wild parties, he befriends three women. The Resort is a place where relationships are scarce and usually end after the sex does. Falling in love is a bad idea. Yet, all rules are off with Rubi Silvermoon and Eva Ramirez, two of his new friends.

Rubi and Eva are two different sides of the same party coin. Rubi is mysterious and Eva loves life. Yet, Aiden can’t help but feel as though he’s missing something. Secrets and lies tangle with love and lust. On an island where everything is gilded with glitz and glamour, Aiden must find out what is real, in both love and the truth about the Resort, even as darker forces threaten the relationships of everyone around him.

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