Price Drop for The Lady in the Velvet Collar & The Resort

I’ve been monitoring the downloads of The Lady in the Velvet Collar while it’s been a free promo (that ends tomorrow, by the way) and decided to make a change. Both The Lady in the Velvet Collar and The Resort have been dropped to $0.99!

This means that after the free promo for Velvet Collar is over, the regular price will be 99 cents. This is how the price looks now because of the free promo:


If you don’t get a chance to download Velvet Collar while it’s free, don’t fret. For 99 cents, Madison’s story can be yours. But, rather than wait until then, take advantage of the free promo while it lasts. 😛

Also, thank you to everyone who has downloaded a copy so far. It’s been an amazing adventure to see how many people have downloaded and read Velvet Collar. Here’s a quick look at the past couple of days. I didn’t include today’s because hey, it’s only the morning and there’s already been 50 downloads C:


For a small-time indie author like me, these stats are huge. I know there are other authors that can make these stats in a day, combined, free promo or not. For someone like me, with such a limited audience, this is huge. This makes my day worth it. Knowing that there are so many people out there with Madison’s story makes me all fuzzy inside.

Stick around with me, friends. Madison and Damien have another story I’m in the process of writing. It took me some time to figure out where they needed to go but I think we’re headed in the right direction. I’ll be adding the excerpt from the end of Velvet Collar for the second book The Lady in the Steel Collar here soon, so we can all enjoy that as well.

Thank you everyone for being here!