Teaser: The Resort

Presenting the preliminary artwork of the upcoming novel The Resort! I am in love with it <3 The synopsis of The Resort  can also be found here. Just as well, here is a teaser of The Resort itself. Enjoy!

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The Resort
Teaser of the full novel
by Jayda Myers

The Resort was an island-wide adult playground full of clubs, liquor stores, sex shops and plenty to keep the wild residents occupied. On the western side of the island, the hotel that was the centerpiece of the island dominated. The hotel was a part of the Resort, but it was also called the Resort, or just “the hotel” to those who occupied it. There was no fancy hotel chain at work here. The large, curved building stretched along the circular coast, the gateway between the harbor where tourists were first dropped off, and the chain of stores and shopping centers on the other side of its spectacular white walls.

Aiden had seen the large, curved building when he and Carlo had entered the island. They had a brief tour that consisted of the front desk and their room on the second floor. The Gilded Dove was in the central section of the large building vaguely shaped like the letter C. From his understanding, the central part of the C was used for administrative and commercial purposes, while the two curving wings leading away from the central area housed both short-term and long-term residents.

Rubi led him back through the hotel, silently leading him to her room. The Resort was the definition of excess. Plush carpeting cushioned underfoot in the hallways between hotel rooms and exquisite marble tiling shone in the central sections. Everything was golden, or at least gilded, from the elaborate gold and crystal chandeliers above them to the ornate door handles. This was a hotel of a higher standard than he was used to. The only hotels he had stayed at were chain hotels that cost a moderate chunk of change to stay in. While those hotels were nice, they just seemed so bland when compared to the Resort. Generic-patterned carpet, decor, bed sheets and bathrooms didn’t hold a candle to all of the ornate decoration and excess here.

Rubi lived in the long-term residents wing, or the East Wing, as the locals called it. She lived on the tenth floor, right below the penthouses. The space between their bodies disappeared as they made their way into an elevator. He was unnerved at the mirrored walls and dim lighting, especially as she wound an arm around him, pulling him close to whisper into his ear.

The things she said made his heart race. She was a total stranger but she touched him as if they were lovers. She spoke as if they were lovers, whispering promises of what she could do to him, of what she wanted to do with him. His mouth was dry and it wasn’t just from the alcohol he had partied with. Anticipation edged into him, cranking him up.

On the tenth floor, the Resort shifted landscape. Instead of gilded chandeliers and marble tile, the hallways were dark, lit only by strips of black lights in the floor. The same slow music he had heard in the Gilded Dove played from speakers he couldn’t see in the darkness. Punctuating the seductive music came the sounds of pleasure. Whether they were beside him in the hallways or from the doors they passed, Aiden wasn’t sure. Moans rose up from all around him, both male and female; singular and in groups. He thought he had seen the shifting limbs of what could only be a couple in the throes of passion, but they had disappeared from the black light strips too fast.

Rubi seemed to be at home amidst the hedonism. Her lips curved into a coy smile as she took his hand and led him down to her room. Unlike the key card locks the short term resident rooms had, the long term resident rooms had numeric keypads on the wall next to the door. Rubi didn’t even hesitate as she entered her room code. She had the door unlocked and open in a matter of seconds – and had Aiden in her room in half the time.

This was not an ordinary hotel room. Instead of the generic decorating, Rubi’s room looked like an ordinary room. Her bed was unmade, with dark sheets pushed around. Her clothes were neatly organized in the open closet and cosmetics lined the marble counter top of the bathroom. Her room was smaller than the two-bedroom suite he was sharing with Carlo and she had almost no belongings, from what he could tell.

When she came up to him and kissed him once more, his mind stopped thinking of things like room design and possessions she owned. His entire existence boiled down to one thing – the feel of her lips on his.

Her kiss was like velvet, her lips soft, shifting with his, teaching him how she liked to be kissed. He took the hint, his lips following her directions nicely. His whole body jolted when the warm, wet brush of her tongue met his lips. He opened to her, letting her explore his mouth with her tongue, before he found the courage to meet her tongue with his.

The most delectable sound came from Rubi. She moaned low as their tongues met, her body pushing him back to the wall near the door. He was barely aware that he had hit the wall. All he felt was the warmth of her body and the velvet touch of her kiss.

Somewhere within the kiss, the intensity started edging up. He was completely unaware of it, as caught up as he was in the kiss, but he felt pleasure tingling through his body. When he opened his eyes, he saw Rubi’s hips moving, rolling slowly into his. The sight rendered him unable to draw his gaze away, until he realized he had fallen out of rhythm with the kiss.

“Is something wrong?” she asked him, her voice a promise of the sex that was clearly on her mind.

“What are you doing?” he asked her, before he was aware of the question. He could have kicked himself for it. Why was he asking her questions when she was clearly offering him her body?

She looked as though she’d had the same thought. “Do you not want this?”

“No, it’s not that,” he said. He barely knew what he was saying. His heart was so jumpy and a part of him ached for her, straining his words. “You barely know me.”

Her smile returned, all liquid smooth seduction. “This is the Resort. People hook up without thinking, here.”

“I don’t hook up,” he gasped, even as she came back to kiss him. There was a sense of decency within him, right? He wasn’t the type to hook up and take advantage of a woman. He wasn’t the type to–

His thoughts cut off as they kissed again. It was like turning a light switch off within his mind. Her lips made his thinking stop and an odd, primal urge arose. The kiss triggered something instinctual with him. Rubi moaned and pressed in closer, driving the need of the kiss back up. This was something Aiden wasn’t used to. The mad rush of passion, the quick hook up. This was Carlo’s area of expertise, not his.

Yet, he couldn’t turn this woman down. Rubi moaned again, breaking the kiss to whisper in his ear the same promises she whispered on the journey up to her room. Each whispered syllable sent desire pounding through him. He wanted the dirty things she promised him. He wanted her promise of pleasure without consequence, her promise of what her mouth would do to him. He groaned as she whispered and nibbled at his ear. What was happening to him? What was she doing? She made him bend to her will like he was made of putty.

The feel of her hands on his body made him drag in a sharp breath. He was so clumsy with his sexual encounters, as inexperienced as he was. Rubi, on the other hand, was at home with what she was doing, using his reactions to decide upon what she did next. With the same liquid smooth seduction he had seen in her smile, she sank down to the floor, her hands catching on his pants. Her hands made quick work of the button and zipper.

He sucked in a breath as her hands teased him, tugging at the elastic of his boxer-briefs before finding where his ache lay. His arousal was strained and confined within his underwear, before she helped him. Her hands ran over him, taking in the feel of the hard flesh through the cotton. Electric pleasure shot through him, overtaking his thoughts. If that was what she could do with a simple brush of her hands…what else could she do?

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