Teaser: The Lady in the Steel Collar

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This is an excerpt for The Lady in the Steel Collar

Found at the back of The Lady in the Velvet Collar

A novel of the Lithanar Chronicles by Jayda Myers

If you have not read The Lady in the Velvet Collar, the following may contain spoilers. If you would like to purchase The Lady in the Velvet Collar, please click here.


Madison’s breath left with a harsh exhale, following the sharp crack of leather. “Again please, Sir.”
Her betrothed, the crown prince Damien Lithan, obliged. He brought the flogger down over her bare bottom once more. She arched into the bed she was bent over as the leather tendrils smacked into her once more, her moan muffled by the comforter she buried her face in.

“Where are you?”

“Leaf,” she replied breathlessly. A touch of impatience colored her voice. “You’re not going to stop, are you?”

Damien laughed, his blue eyes warm with amusement. “Yes, unfortunately. We don’t have a lot of time left and you’re in an unfortunate state of undress. You need to get ready at some point.”

Madison’s eyes widened further, and that wasn’t just from the pain coursing through her. “Wait. Before we have to go…please, Sir. Take me.”

She didn’t look back at her betrothed, but she heard the heavy exhale of breath he gave. There was a moment of silence, then Damien said in a strained voice, “We don’t have time.”

“We do, if you make it quick.”

Her boldness was no doubt surprising. Madison was never usually this vocal about her desires. There was no stopping the way her body bloomed for him, how much she craved his touch. When she didn’t receive a reply from him, she said, “Please, Sir. Make it fast.”

It was almost a relief whenever she heard the slide of clothing over skin. She kept her face forward, her body tingling from anticipating his touch. She shivered when she felt his bare skin on hers, felt his arousal between her legs, as he pressed up against her.

He slid one hand between her legs, spreading her, making room for himself. “You know what fast means, Madison.”

Do it. Please, Sir–”

Her words cut off and she cried out as he plunged inside of her, keeping her bent over the bed. He took her fast and rough from behind, his hips slapping into hers. One hand gripped her shoulder and his thrusts hit her harder, faster. This was what she wanted. There was something mind-numbing about this fast, rough sex she initiated. Pleasure sparked through her so fast that she didn’t have time to think about anything else, certainly not what was ahead of them.

Damien was a force to be reckoned with as he took her, merciless in his thrusts. He gave her free reign over her pleasure in their hurried passion and she came again and again. Then he turned her over, plunging into her as they were face to face. Madison’s head tilted back but he jerked her forward with one hand, pulling her up to a kiss that could not be held with the force of his thrusts. She fell back once more, her hands shooting up to grip the comforter over her head. She pulled the comforter off of its neatly made edge, undoing her handmaiden’s work.

Her head tilted back once more, exposing her throat, bare except for the band of steel around it. The rolled steel was Damien’s collar, his mark of ownership and her gift for taking the spot as the final candidate for betrothal to the prince. When Damien saw it in the light, he tugged at the metal ring, then placed his hand over her neck firmly.

“Please,” she breathed. She moaned when she felt him squeeze. Adrenaline poured into her body even though she knew he wouldn’t actually hurt her. The rush made her feel electric, vivid as lightning. The pressure around her throat made her come once more. She shuddered around Damien and he withdrew suddenly. Liquid warmth splashed onto her belly. Above her, Damien moaned, panting heavily as he gave her what she had drawn from him.

“Fuck, Madison.” Damien released his hold of her. He was still panting as he straightened. “Look what you do to me, my sweet lady.”

She sat up and grinned at him. “And look at what you do to me as well. I’ve come unraveled.”
He smiled slightly, and pulled a towel off of the nightstand of their room. He cleaned her off with a gentle touch that had not existed in their rough sex. “Yes, well unfortunately you need to wind yourself together quickly once more. We have even less time now. There’s not enough time for a bath.”

“I’ll have to go smelling of you,” she said.

Damien’s grin was devious. “What a naughty girl you are.”

With that, he got dressed and told her he was going to fetch Helena, her handmaiden. That gave her ample time to put a new set of underclothes on, as hers had been thrown hastily on the ground. She cleaned up while Damien went to find Helena. By the time her handmaiden had arrived, her body had cooled from the sex. Helena could no doubt guess what had transpired beforehand. The bed was a mess and although Madison’s body had cooled, her face was still flushed. Helena said nothing about the state Madison was in, and instead went to help her get dressed.

Helena was an excellent handmaiden who had learned by now how Madison liked her corsets laced as loosely as possible, and how she preferred her hair done. Madison was dressed in a heavy, somber black dress beaded with black glass beads and black pearls scattered across the bodice in floral patterns. The only splash of color she wore was the bright steel collar and the flush of color on her cheeks.

As a final touch, Helena reached for a box she had brought with her. Nestled inside was the final touch of Madison’s outfit. A delicate circlet had been cast for Madison, at her request. The metal was thin, but the silver probably wouldn’t be worn beyond this. Black lace looped through the intricate designs in the circlet. Helena lifted the circlet out of its box and arranged it properly on Madison’s head. Lace spilled down her shoulders, forming a veil.

Although Madison had been in a state of wanton, uncontrollable lust, changing into this dress had shaken her into a more serious state. She met Helena’s gaze. Her handmaiden looked as somber as she felt.

“Beautiful as always,” Helena said as she stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“Thank you. Will you be attending?”

Helena raised her eyebrows for a moment, then shook her head. “No, I’m afraid not. My work is never done. Be strong, my lady.”

Madison nodded, then turned to exit her room. She drew in a deep breath as she crossed the threshold, then went to Damien’s study, where she knew he would be waiting. She would have liked Helena’s company, even if she didn’t know her handmaiden all that well on a personal level. Damien would be with her, and her friends possibly, but she felt as though she could use all of the support she could get her hands on.

She had a funeral to attend.