Teaser #2: The Resort

With the release of The Resort approaching closely, a second teaser is a must. Allow me to fulfill your need for more.


The Resort

Teaser # 2 of the full novel

by Jayda Myers

The three women were all giggles and smiles as they threw their bags in the trunk of the car. Aiden and Carlo followed suit with a little more reservation, curious as to where they were going. Rubi, and Eva claimed the front, leaving Scarlet, Aiden and Carlo to occupy the back seats.

Rubi started the car, then drove them out of the parking garage. The path led them behind the garage, behind the shopping mall, beyond the hotel that they had been so familiar with. The ladies cranked the music up loud to where they could hear it over the whipping of the wind. They sang at the top of their lungs to an electronic pop song.

Aiden watched Rubi and Eva and felt his heart soar as he watched them. Day and night they might have been but here in this car, they were two sides to the same party coin – full of life and loving what life they had. It was inspiring to see them, as enthusiastic as they were.

Their trip took them through what the long-term residents called the “highway.” In a way it was, although on an island, it wasn’t as though it would be anything interstate. The highway was simply a two lane road that would fit most country back roads. It was nothing like the urban highways with their multiple lanes and heavy traffic.

As they drove out further, the land around them changed, from a sort of grassland to something more tropical. The grass grew wilder and more out of control. Trees grew in close vicinity to each other, not carefully groomed like they were around the hotel. The land around them was green and glowing with life. This must have been what the island looked like before the hotel had been built. This was wilder, more untamed than what he had seen on the island. The highway was the only thing that suggested any nearby civilization.

If there were any exits, Aiden couldn’t see any. Rubi seemed to know where they were going. After a stretch of highway had passed, she turned off the main road where instead of asphalt, a dirt road marked a less-traveled path. The high end vehicle didn’t seem to have any trouble traversing this road, although he thought that an SUV might have been more appropriate here.

The wilderness around them became tame again, to a certain extent. A clearing formed out of the wild trees. Aiden could see a clear lake ahead of them. A waterfall stretched from the cliff side around the lake. Around the clearing, mountains stretched high above them, with mist from rain obscuring the sky above.

“This is gorgeous,” Scarlet breathed when they pulled into the area around the lake. “Where did you find this place?”

“A friend told me about it,” Rubi said as she parked. “Come on, guys!”

They unloaded the trunk of the car and headed for the lake. Closer to the cliff side, large boulders ringed the edge of the water. That was where they set up their camp. Eva pulled a portable mp3 speaker dock out of the trunk and hooked her smart phone up to it. The same sort of music that they had listened to on the road blasted from the tiny speakers.

The day was then dedicated to their party, although what they were celebrating was a mystery to Aiden.

“Who says you need a reason to party?” Scarlet grinned. She reached into the cooler and pulled an ice-cold beer bottle out. “Sometimes you just need to love life.”

Those were words to live by. They swam in the lake and dared each other to jump from the waterfall. Carlo took the challenge up first and made his way up the cliff side, climbing over the precarious and only slightly defined path to the top.

“Jump, you chicken!” Eva yelled at him once he was at the top.

Carlo’s jump was punctuated by a string of expletives, before he hit the water.

Aiden was alarmed until his friend surfaced. “That was one hell of a jump.”

After Carlo did the first jump, they all took cues from there, jumping one by one off the cliff and into the water below. After they were worn out, they settled on the beach side of the lake on towels, taking in the beer and music.

Eva settled next to Aiden, handing him a bottle. Beer definitely wasn’t Aiden’s drink of choice on most days, but he took the bottle anyway and drank it down.

“How are you liking this spot?” she asked him, emptying her second bottle.

“It’s beautiful,” he said, although his eyes weren’t on the scenery around him.

Her gaze was a reflection of the heat that flickered between them. They had barely kissed when Rubi interjected.

“Hey! You two better not be forgetting about me, over there!”

Eva laughed even though her lips were still pressed to his. When they pulled away from each other, she called out, “Is someone jealous?”

“Hell no, but I want in! Move.”

Before Aiden could question what was happening, he was surrounded not only by Eva, but Rubi as well. Rubi had her second beer in hand and hugged him close.

“You’re not forgetting about me, are you, Aiden?”

He didn’t get a chance to answer. Her lips pressed to his. In a move that thoroughly shocked him, Eva was on him as well, in the strangest three-way kiss he’d had, as well as the only three-way kiss he’d had.

“Whoa,” Carlo said when he saw the three of them. “Damn girls, you’re making me feel left out.”

“Not while you’ve got me,” Scarlet smirked.

Aiden wasn’t sure what was going on. Scarlet and Carlo disappeared out of his direct line of sight, leaving him with an eager Rubi and Eva. He didn’t know if it was the general party atmosphere, the alcohol or just the general nature of the two women in front of him, but they seemed incredibly eager to share him.

“You seem shocked, baby,” Rubi said to him. “You don’t think that Eva and I can share you nicely?”

“No, that’s not it,” he gasped. That wasn’t it at all, but all sense of coherent speech seemed to have left him.

“I think he needs to see how nicely we can play together,” Rubi said thoughtfully.

His eyes weren’t the only ones that widened. Eva’s amber gaze widened in surprise, before the wildness in them came back, eager, hot.

“Ooh, I like that idea,” she purred.