The Lady in the Velvet Collar ranks well in free promo

Oh, goodness!

So yesterday I said that Velvet Collar was ranked 4,605 overall in the free Kindle store, as well as 71 in the BDSM subgenre and 125 in romantic erotica. Here’s what I woke up to, today.


This is amazing.

This is super close to beating the three-day promo I did for Private Show, that barely had the book at rank 23 on the overall erotica list. These numbers are dropping fast. Yesterday, I saw the numbers drop from 71 to 47, from 47 to 41. I might have been excitedly checking how many units people were downloading – but I’m just that excited.

Please understand that for a barely discovered indie author, this means a lot to me. There aren’t words that capture my excitement in quite the way I’ve been squealing to my poor husband.

Actually, this is probably the closest you’ll get.

(Photo courtesy of Tumblr, sm0ke-mex, via
(yes, I really searched for a gif to explain my feelings)

Let’s keep this up, my fine, sexy friends. The free promo ends on Friday the 31st and by then, I have a feeling that our rank will be higher. Keep this up. You’re making this indie author do awkward dances C;

Click here to get your FREE copy of The Lady in the Velvet Collar!
Click here to get your FREE copy of The Lady in the Velvet Collar!

PS: Why does the Twitter photo uploader seem to be broken?