The Lady in the Velvet Collar is FREE for Kindle until July 31st!

Big news today, sexy friends!

The Lady in the Velvet Collar is free in the Kindle store until July 31st! If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t fret because there is a mobile app version and a desktop version. Get your read on with The Lady in the Velvet Collar!

The Lady in the Velvet Collar Review
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More good news, my first five star review was from today as well! Thank you! For those reading or have read, please leave your thoughts in the reviews. I want to know what you think! C:


And even more good news, I’ve been checking in on Velvet Collar’s ranking today and you have all certainly given me such a boost to my confidence today. I haven’t seen a ranking that good since Private Show hit #23 on the Free in Kindle Store list. Do you think we can keep these numbers like this? This is the first day of a five day free promo. Help Madison and Damien shine like they deserve to.

Click the cover image to get your free copy of this ebook now! 😀