Free Read: (Story Scrap) Occupied

Well, wasn’t this a familiar scene.

Nathaniel Drake hated traveling. Ironic, considering most of his business was established on his travels. But he hated traveling. There were too many regulations and going through airport security wasn’t just a hassle, but it was also a bore when done often enough. Then there was the noise on the airplane. Everywhere he went, there was at least one crying baby. It had to be some kind of cruel airline standard. Just like the crummy food and the flotation devices under seats, each airline now offered its own crying baby.

Still, he wasn’t as annoyed as he would usually be. He had just come from one of his more interesting traveling locations. The sunny state of Hawaii was outside of the airplane, begging for him to get out of the plane and step into the cool weather. Even in the dead of winter, this state was nice and cool; not like his home state on the east coast, where there was always snow. He didn’t want to leave.

And the flight from Hawaii back home was going to be a long, exhausting one.

As the airplane filled up, he settled back in his cushy seat. First class was always the way to travel. He wouldn’t accept anything less. And there were less crying babies here. That was always a plus. He ignored people shuffling past him and pulled a book out of his briefcase. He read as the plane filled up and as the flight attendants directed everyone’s attention to the tiny TV screens littered throughout the plane. The instructional video was background noise to him as he read. He had heard the same thing dozens of times before. What exactly was the chance of the plane crashing into the Pacific Ocean anyhow?

As horrible as it sounded, he wouldn’t have minded if the plane had taken a nosedive into the Pacific. All he really had waiting for him back home was his wife. She was getting too desperate for his attention, too needy and too convinced that he should stay home for when their baby was born. This was going to be his last business trip for a while. Then he had a long life of fatherhood and balancing it with his current job.

Other than the naggy wife, the future kid and his high demand job, he was just another average guy out there. He had managed to keep his rather nice build from college with a strict gym regiment. For the typical 34 year old business man, he still caught the gaze of passing women. His dark chestnut hair was still its original color, unlike some of his colleagues, who were already starting to develop receding hairlines and gray hairs. And more than one woman in his lifetime had said that his eyes were something to get lost in. He thought there was nothing special about his green eyes, but they obviously saw something different. That’s what his wife said when they had started dating. He missed that about her. The closeness, especially. With the kid on the way, there was nothing but fights, fights and nagging.

God, he was so cynical. He needed something, anything to perk up his attitude.

Or maybe, someone else.

Out of the corner of his eye, he had caught sight of a flight attendant. She had been the one to greet him as he boarded the plane. Bottle blonde with a gorgeous figure. She looked like she was fresh out of college and she definitely had the potential to be a model. What the hell was she doing wasting her talent ushering in sticky little kids and exhausted parents?

The woman was also a bit clumsy. He had seen her drop a passenger’s ticket when she had been asked where a certain row was. He also had a nice view of her when she bent down to pick it up.

He was crazy to be thinking of another woman like this.

True, he and his wife didn’t necessarily get along. Most days, he thought his wife absolutely despised him. What kept their marriage together was a whole lot of prayer and the money that came with a high demanding job like his. That, and their expected child. Other than that, his wife was just that woman he had spent the majority of his life with.

Not like that gorgeous blonde woman he had seen.

He glanced down at the golden ring on his hand and reminded himself that a last business trip did not mean a one time fling as a finale. No, sir, he was much better than that.

His body definitely didn’t agree. He had to adjust his pants slightly as the blonde woman passed. Then he forced his concentration into the book he wasn’t even really interested in reading.

But, time passed by slow when Nathaniel was purposefully trying to distract himself. The flight wasn’t even an hour in and he was fidgety. He hadn’t been this antsy since he had been a horny college kid with his sights set on the women instead of academics. He tried forcing down some more of that book he had been holding but his eyes just wouldn’t focus on the words.

When the in-flight movie started playing, he decided he would just get up and spend some quality time with himself in the bathroom. The movie playing was highly popular with the younger passengers so no one would be in the bathroom for a while. No one would notice him disappear.

The closest bathroom was already occupied by a twitchy man who looked like that toilet would be his best friend for a while. So he headed back to the main row of bathrooms near the coach section. The drink cart had already passed him and he had figured that he wouldn’t be getting into the way–

“Look out!”

He crashed right into the drink cart with a rather loud and inappropriate curse.

One of the cans on the cart had evidently not been fully emptied. Its contents had spilled right onto his crisp button down shirt.

Great way to start the flight. He was already sick of it.

“I’m so sorry!” the flight attendant on the other side of the cart cried.

He looked up. That blonde with the gorgeous figure was staring right at him with her wide, baby blue eyes. Figures. She was the klutz and he ran into her parked cart.

“No…you’re fine.” It was hard enough to keep the annoyance out of his voice. “I just need a napkin now.”

That flight attendant was faster than he thought possible. She let another attendant take over her cart and rushed through another aisle to get to him. Almost as fast as she had disappeared, she was up in his face, offering him paper towels to help mop up the mess on his shirt. Good lord, she was helpful to the point of annoyingly over helpful. He tried brushing her off, but she seemed more adamant about helping out and apologizing after that.

Nathaniel thought he had said something about doing it himself, but he wasn’t sure in the sudden chaos. Either way, he had made his way to an empty bathroom. And look who was right behind him, trying to fix her tiny mistake.

“I really am sorry,” she said in a hushed whisper. She was half in the cramped bathroom with him and half sticking out in the hallway. He thought it looked odd, but the curtains between areas had been drawn so there was more privacy.

“Forget about it. It’s fine.” He couldn’t help the sharp, clipped tone in his voice. To be honest, she was annoying him.

“Please, let me help. I’ve been in trouble so many times that I could get fired for this.”

Fired over something so small? That klutziness of hers had to be worse than what he had witnessed. It seemed like she was desperate to keep her job.

“How exactly would you…help…?” he asked, suddenly curious.

She took that as an invitation and slipped into the bathroom stall with him. He almost kicked her out at that moment. These little excuses for lavatories barely had enough room in it for one person, let alone two. Luckily, her gorgeous body was also very slim and didn’t take up a lot of room.

“Here, let me,” she said, voice still low. With that, she took the paper towel she was holding and blotted it against his wet shirt. “Luckily, not a lot spilled.”

He almost wanted to tell her to get out. It wasn’t as if he had been drowned in soda and he could definitely take care of a stain on his shirt. But then…how often was it that he had beautiful women begging to be of service?

Wrong line of thought. All of that jittery anxiety that he had been trying to ignore earlier surged back. And now, with having her so close…it was hard to stay calm.

Those beautiful baby blues of hers focused up on him. “There we go, I think that’s better.”

He cleared his throat, as if that would help clear his mind. “Er…thank you.”

She gave him a beautiful smile and pulled away from him. As she did, her hand brushed over one of the buttons on his shirt. That was enough force for the tiny button to slip through the button hole and come undone. He had forgotten that this was the shirt that came undone easily.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” she hastily tried to make up for her mistake again. This time, it included her making a grab for his shirt.

“No, that’s not necess–”

They were both caught off guard as she ended up throwing herself over with a little too much force. Her body smacked into his, knocking him off balance and onto the toilet behind him. At least the lid was down, otherwise he would have fallen straight in.

He froze when she fell over him, right into his lap.

She froze as well. She was still holding onto his shirt, as if she was still going to try and button it for him. She looked down at him, confused as to why she was suddenly in his lap.

“S-sorry…” she whispered, absolutely mortified.

He stared up at her, wide-eyed. “N-no…that’s…”

He actually didn’t know what to say. Some string of strange events had suddenly brought them to this point and now he was actually speechless. It was a rare moment. But, despite the speechlessness, his body still knew how to respond. He could feel his erection lengthening, pressing right into her.

It was as if she could feel him hardening, too. Those baby blues widened again, staring straight down at him as if in shock, wondering if she had felt the right thing or not.

“You’re…” she started to say something, but the blush creeping across her face cut her off. Obviously unaware of how to handle the situation, she froze, not moving off of him. Instead, she bit her lip.

That one motion made her even hotter to him. She didn’t seem very bright, but goddamn, she was hot. And she was sitting on his lap. The college frat boy in him knew what the obvious thing to do was. The married man in him tried to remind him that this was wrong and he should escape the situation now.

While he was having a mental battle of logic versus lust, she had apparently made up her own mind. Instead of doing the rational thing to do with strangers, which was back away, she leaned in close to him. “You know, you have really pretty eyes. I just noticed that.”

The comment didn’t help give him back the power of speech. Instead, now he was struck stupid. Did this woman just give a silent cue for him to continue?

“Thank you. Um…shouldn’t you be getting back to work?”

She stared down at him again, a small smile creeping across those pretty pink lips of hers. “I could. But we seem really comfy, here.”

“These bathrooms are hardly considered comfy.”

She leaned in closer to him. “That’s not really what I was talking about.”

With that, her lips pressed to his.

This story was a writer’s block buster originally released January 5, 2011. Unfortunately, it never went beyond this point and was scrapped shortly after.