Free Erotic Story: “Party”

She was totally out of her element.

She was never one to party. Her friends went to all the wild college parties, not her. She was the good girl who stayed in her dorm room, studying and preparing for the day she would receive her diploma. But there was something different about her, lately. This antsy feeling that she had to get out. Nothing was good enough and she was on edge all the time. Her friend finally told her she had to let loose and insisted that she get out tonight. No wasn’t an acceptable answer.

So Amber Morgan now found herself at a house party. She didn’t know what house this was. She didn’t even know this area very well. Her friend had driven them there and handed her the car keys. It was clear who was getting drunk tonight. Amber didn’t drink at all, she was usually the one to keep her friend from drinking too much or from driving or going somewhere when drunk.

The people were familiar strangers. She recognized people from seeing them on campus or in class, but she didn’t really know anyone. The women were all glamorous, hair done just for a house party, while they were dancing around with red cups and beer cans. Made her feel a little plain. Her own hair was brown, streaked with blonde and red. She had it curled by her friend and it framed her face in soft, graceful waves. And while she felt pretty, it was nothing compared to the girls grinding up on the guys she saw. Her own makeup was light compared to the others, just a little eye makeup to emphasis her hazel eyes. And her outfit wasn’t as skimpy as the others; it was just a nice, decorated tank top and her best skirt. Nothing really glamorous there.

But even so, she could feel men staring at her. She made eye contact with one or two of them and they smiled. She looked away. What on earth was she supposed to do?

“You look a little lost, there.”

She turned, feeling someone speak to her. There was a guy almost directly behind her, crashed out on the couch she had been awkwardly standing by. He was dressed in a lot of black and he had a beer can in one hand, hovering lazily over his lap. His green eyes lit on her, seeming to revel in the somewhat confused expression that must have been on her face.

“I am, a little,” she said, relieved to find someone to talk to.

He made room for her on the couch, giving a gentle shove to the guy sitting on the arm rest. She gladly collapsed beside him.

“Haven’t seen you before,” he said. He didn’t speak loud over the pounding music but she could still hear him perfectly.

“First time here. I…got dragged here by a friend.” a nervous smile fluttered over her lips.

“You look nervous. Let me help you relax.”

His idea of helping her relax was to get her drunk. She declined the hard liquor and the beer that seemed to flow like water. She had a jello shot just because it seemed small enough and harmless. It was mostly jello, right? But one shot turned to two…turned to…she didn’t know exactly. Her head felt funny. But he was right, she was relaxed. And the conversation between her and the guy she was drinking with got easier. Another time, her rational mind would have told her that the guy was obviously trying to get her drunk to get into her pants. But all she was thinking of was how nice this guy was. He made her laugh, he seemed caring enough and he kept the tasty little shots coming. And after the shots, he started her on vodka. She didn’t mind at all.

When he stood, insisting that she dance, she needed his help to stand up. The floor was moving below her. But for some reason she thought it was funny. Well, maybe not funny, but just fun. She was having a great time, all of a sudden. The pounding music wasn’t even the type she usually listened to, something with pounding bass and offensive lyrics. The people were still strangers and her friend was nowhere to be seen, but she was having a great time with this guy…whose name slipped past her. She knew he had mentioned it at some point but for the life of her, she couldn’t think of it.

Not that it mattered. In a moment, he had her pulled up against him. Normally, she would never let a stranger get this close to her this fast. But what was the harm in letting him get close? He was so nice to her. There was no danger.

She could feel his body tight against hers. When she looked up at his piercing, dark eyes, she got a clear idea of what he wanted. The sex in his gaze was all too obvious. But that wasn’t something to be scared of, either. She hadn’t been with anyone in so long, not since she and her last boyfriend had broken up months ago. She missed the feel of a man against her.

Time seemed to fly as they drank and danced and laughed together. And she totally forgot about why she was so worried or scared about being here. It didn’t bother her in the slightest when he slowly led her from the main room where people were dancing through the kitchen where people were yelling over a round of beer pong. He led her to the back of the house, where the utility room was. She stumbled her way along behind him, not even questioning why he shut the door behind them and why never turned on the light.

“Why are we here?” she asked on a giggle. At least, that’s what it sounded like to her. She was having a little trouble speaking.

“I just wanted some time alone with you,” he murmured. “Away from them.”

“Why?” she asked, stumbling back. Luckily, she landed on the shoe bench behind her. Otherwise,she would have landed on the floor, with her drink as a new accessory.

“I don’t want to be around them, that’s all.”

With that, he leaned over in the dark room and kissed her.

His touch sparked a fire that lit up her whole body. She didn’t know what it was about him. It didn’t make any sense for her to kiss a stranger, much less be in a dark room alone with him. But she didn’t pull away. She didn’t protest.

Instead, she kissed him back.

He almost seemed to be surprised. His emerald eyes widened for a moment, before he accepted the kiss she gave him in return. The kiss they shared was surprisingly hungry, surprisingly needy, and she didn’t think that was a bad thing at all. The feel of his lips against hers made her body ache. And the wet probe of his tongue made her moan. She realized how long it had really been since she had needed a man…since she needed this dangerous feeling that threatened to consume her.

“You’re really good at that,” he whispered as they pulled away.

“At what?” she asked.

In reply, he leaned in again. His tongue brushed over her lips before they again kissed. With this kiss, the hunger increased. Another needy moan drifted from her mouth. She didn’t stop to think if anyone could hear her. It wouldn’t matter anyways. Outside, the general party was singing at the top of their lungs to a rowdy rock song, waving their drinks and pumping their fists into the air. No one noticed the missing couple or heard the strange sounds that drifted from the room.

Inside the dark laundry room, he pressed her back to the wall, his lips devouring hers. She clung to him desperately, overwhelmed by the passion in his kiss. When they came apart again, her head tilted back before she stared up at him.

“Touch me,” she whispered.

It was all the invitation he needed. He knelt down so he was level with her, before sweeping her up into another kiss. And while his lips were busy working with hers, his hands found the front of her tank top, brushing over her breasts. She arched up into the kiss, a small, surprised cry escaping her. His touch was like fire once more, igniting a need within her, threatening to consume and burn her alive. And goddammit, she wanted more.

“Yes…” she arched up into him, moving with him as his hands squeezed her. She felt him through the padding of her bra and the thin cotton of her shirt. He was so warm and he sent pleasure tingling down her body, right to the sweet spot between her legs. That sweet spot pooled with wetness, ready to be taken.

He uttered a compliment in a rough voice distorted with pure lust. She didn’t quite hear it, but she moaned in reply anyway. Anything to keep his touch on her. Anything to keep that pleasure rolling.

Her heart gave a jolt when his mouth left hers and trailed down her neck. He found where she was most sensitive and played with the spot, licking and sucking over and over again until she was crying out, softly at first before she came to her senses and tried to silence herself. Tiny, strangled mewls of pleasure escaped her mouth.

Satisfied with her reactions, he continued the trail down to the neckline of the tank top, hovering right over the small line of cleavage she revealed. Then, without pausing to ask or think, he pulled the straps of her tank top down her shoulders, as low as they could fall…and pulled the neckline of her tank top down to reveal her bra.

More words of approval fell from his lips but she barely heard him. Caught up in the alcohol-soaked lust, she was only focused on herself and the pleasure he drove into her. She didn’t protest as he pulled at the silken undergarment up and over her breasts. Her bare skin was exposed to the cool air and she licked her lips, reveling in the way he looked at her.

“Oh, fuck…”

Oh, she caught that. That was the one thing he said to her before he sank down again so he could lean down and get a taste of the exposed skin. His lips met her breasts and she moaned, her hands sinking into his finely gelled hair, pulling him closer. Oh, God, his tongue lapped at her in the most intoxicating way, making that ache grow stronger. And he teased her in the most cruel way, sucking and and licking at her nipples, pulling gently with his teeth. He made her want so much more. And she tried pulling him closer. It was the only way she could think of asking him. Words were beyond her reach at the moment.

Luckily, he knew what she wanted. He sucked harder and she cried out. Her body arched and danced under him until he finally pulled away. It was with a grin of satisfaction that he stared down at the mark he had left on her skin, a claim of ownership, at least for the night.

“More,” she whispered, not even aware of the fact that she was speaking.

“Oh, I’ll give you more,” he growled.

With wide, wild eyes, she watched as he backed up. His hands went to his pants. She licked her lips as he pulled himself from his pants. He was hard for her and the look he gave her suggested that he was ready to use that nice, hard length between his legs.

“Suck me,” he whispered.

She leaned forward without hesitation. Her lips met that hard length and she moaned. She opened for him, letting him slid into her mouth. Coating him with the wetness from her mouth, she let him slide in and out of her mouth before she took a hold of him, guiding his arousal right where she wanted it to be. Her head bobbed while she moved and every so often, her gaze would drift back upwards to gauge his reaction.

He was loving what she was doing. And in the midst of her head bobbing, his hands dug into her hair, pulling her towards him. His hips bucked and he began to thrust into her mouth. She tried to take what he gave her but it was too much at once. She choked and pulled away, again using her hands to keep him at a comfortable distance.

“Too much?” he drawled, his voice hinting that her choking was just what he wanted.

She ignored this and sucked on him once more, letting her tongue stroke him as she moved. He quickly lost that arrogant smirk and again lost himself in the feeling.

Before things could get too heated, he pulled himself from her and reached into his back pocket. It took a moment’s work to pull a small packet from his wallet. She saw what he was holding and licked her lips.

He started her off, unwrapping the condom and placing it in the right spot. She finished the job by rolling it downwards, making sure it was on right. Then, ignoring the biting taste of latex, she licked over his length, getting him wet with her mouth.

“Spread ‘em,” he said.

There wasn’t much room on the shoe bench but she managed to lean back so her legs could stretch up in the air. That was all he needed. He took hold of her legs, stretching them where he wanted them to be. It only took a moment’s work to push her skirt up and her panties off to the side. Then, without any further hesitation, he thrust forward, sinking himself into her.

Ohh, it was good. It had been so long for her. The penetration overwhelmed her, almost making her fall flat back against the shoe bench. A moan boiled up from her lips, spilling out into the empty room. It sounded so loud, so unlike how she usually behaved. But in her drunken mind, she didn’t even notice. All she knew and felt was the pleasure he drove into her. And that pleasure returned back fast. His hips moved slow at first, as he let her get used to the feel of him. Once they had both adjusted, he began moving faster, his hips a fast rush of lust and passion. She could barely keep up. She was panting hard, moving with him to the best extent that she could. It wasn’t easy with the limited space she had. It was either keep her balance or fall to the floor.

As if he could sense the trouble she was having, he paused for a moment, ignoring her protests as he withdrew. Instead, he sat on the shoe bench and motioned to her. She crawled up onto the bench and into his lap. It took a moment’s work, but she was able to sink herself down onto his erection. More comfortable with this position, she began doing all the work. She moved over him, loving the way he felt inside of her. Her head tilted back and she moaned softly, not caring if anyone outside the door heard her, not even caring about the implications that could come out of a random hookup like this. All she cared about was the pleasure being driven into her body.

He began to thrust up to her and she paused, letting him take control. His thrusts were hard and fast and she had to hold onto him to keep her position. Her mouth made contact with his shoulder, biting down lightly. She moaned around his skin.

She was vaguely aware of how he was moving, pulling her towards him. Then she was suddenly lifted into the air and pushed into the closest wall. He took her from that position as well and she had to hold onto him. Against the wall, he moved faster….faster than she could handle. The rising pleasure was going to go beyond her limit.

“Fuck,” she gasped. The pleasure rose beyond what she could handle and she came hard and fast against him. She could hear him whispering dirty things into her ear and hearing him praise her only made the orgasm better. The party and the pounding music faded to the back of her mind as her sole focus went to the pulsating, hot, wet orgasm that tore through her.

“Yeah, just like that, baby,” he whispered, his voice rough. It was getting to be too much work to hold her up and fuck her at the same time, so he withdrew from her and lowered her down to her feet, slowly taking her down to the floor. Once her back hit the cold linoleum below, he stretched her legs up and again sank into her warmth.

“Oh, sh….” she was having trouble speaking. From here, the pleasure amplified. She felt the cold floor beneath her, the delicate brush of her skirt pushed up to her hips. And the pleasure was rising again, violently, dangerously fast, from his quick, hard thrusts. Her legs stretched up higher, spreading as far as she could get it. And everything came into sheer focus. She came again, even faster than last time.

He didn’t pause for a moment, but she could see his grin as he took in how she bucked and moaned with obvious satisfaction. From there, she lost herself in the pleasure as he slammed into her over and over again. Time became nothing. Everything around her became nothing. She didn’t know how many times she came, but each time sent her further and further into that breathless realm where nothing mattered but what his body was doing to hers. She had to bite her lip and cover her mouth to stifle the cries that otherwise would have been loud. He only took satisfaction in that.

Finally, he leaned down to her and growled, “I want to come all over you, babe.”

She moaned, trying to find the right words. “Do it…please…”

His breathing grew harsh and he grinned at her. Withdrawing from her tired body, he tore the condom off and pulled her up. “Suck.”

She took him into her mouth again, ignoring the taste of latex. Instead, she took pleasure in his heavy breathing and that feral stare he gave her.

Licking his lips, he pulled himself away and placed one of her hands on him. “Finish me.”

Her wild gaze held his for a moment before she began sliding him through her hands, finding a rhythm that he liked. She knew he was close when he began groaning and bucking against her.

“Come,” she begged, not knowing why she needed it so much.

“Fu…uck…” his voice grew strained as he indulged her. His orgasm was hot and wet, squirting through her hands and onto her bare breasts. She moaned with him, relishing in the mess he made with her. And she slid her hands off of him only after he had finished.

“Oh, Jesus,” he whispered between heavy pants.

She didn’t know where the impulse had come from, but she took one of her damp hands and let her tongue glide across the mess. She swallowed a small amount of that wetness, gaze still focused intently on him.

“Shit, babe, don’t do that. You’re going to make me want to fuck you again.”

The idea thrilled her. “So fuck me again…”

* * *

Everything came into focus slowly for Amber. She was aware of sunlight streaming into the room. The room…the room…what room was this? It wasn’t familiar to her at all.

Eyeliner-smudged eyes focused slowly on the room, taking in the washing machine and the dryer next to it…the somewhat familiar shoe bench…a spilled cup of alcohol on the floor…

Oh, shit. Seeing the alcohol focused her. She sat up. Too fast. Way too fast. She gave a sharp cry of pain once the headache hit. Someone was drilling a huge hole into her brain. Holy hell, it hurt.

No, it wasn’t a drill. That was just the hangover. The first hangover she had experienced in a long while. She searched her brain. Why was she hungover? Why was she drinking? Why the hell was she in a laundry room she didn’t recogn–

Her thought process cut off abruptly when she saw the man in the room. All in black, with dark hair and what she vaguely remembered were bright emerald eyes. She was attracted to him, and that wasn’t just the alcohol talking. But…had they…?

As if he was listening to her thoughts, the strange man beside her slowly woke up. He seemed as confused as she was for a moment before he saw her.

“Morning, babe,” he said. He looked about as enthused as she did about waking up to a hangover, but he was much better at handling it. When he saw her look of absolute confusion, he said, “You don’t remember anything about last night, do you?”

Slowly, she shook her head.

He sat up and reached a hand out to her. “I’m Jake. I’m not quite sure if I caught your name last night.”

“Amber,” she said, shaking his hand hesitantly. Right after, she pulled her bra back down and her tank top back into place. Being exposed was undignified….

“You don’t have to hide from me,” he said, as if afraid she was going to run from him. “Considering all we did last night.”

That probably wasn’t the best thing to say. She was even more upset now.

“I didn’t mean it like that, babe. Come on, let’s get out of here.”

He stood up with more grace than she thought was possible for a man who had gotten absolutely trashed the previous night. Then he held out his hand again. “Come on.”

She hesitantly took his hand. He opened the door to the laundry room and led her outside. Out in the house were the same familiar strangers, passed out or slowly waking up. Most of them had gotten so drunk that they weren’t able to drive or walk home. Some looked as confused as she did.

She ignored the stares she got. Two people walking out of a house together…and she knew she looked like she had sex. She looked like a mess. But then again, so did just about everyone else.

“So, Jake,” she said cautiously, shyly. “What….exactly…happened last night?”

Originally written May 2011.