Free Erotic Read: Second Thoughts on Silk Sheets

Silken sheets beneath tense fingers were pulled out of place. The neatly made bed was ruffled, stirred from the eager sex that took place upon the mattress, stirred between the two otherwise strangers that shared a small space of time together.

In truth, he wasn’t sure why he was caught up in yet again another one night stand. It was a strange thought to be had mid-coitus, but even as he moved above her, he couldn’t help but view her writhing body and pleasure-tortured face with apathy. She was another easy lay out of the dozens of easy lays he could have picked up at the bar. She was after the same thing he was, a fast hook up with no strings attached. No expectations. A sex toy with more warmth and ability.

Yet, as his hips moved without conscious thought, he couldn’t help but wonder who she was, underneath the carefully applied makeup and skilled flirting. It was so strange. He had never cared about anyone he had hooked up with. She should have been no different, a casual pump and dump. Something about her stood out.

“Oh, God, don’t stop…”

Her plea was ripe with sexual hunger, yet the plea itself was generic. How many times had women begged him for more, calling him generic names like baby, honey, sugar. If he wanted to, he could have calculated her every move based off of every thrust of his hips. Her moans were too practiced, timed too perfectly. She was no professional working lady of the night, but she had definitely had enough practice with strangers in her bed.

Why was he even thinking about that? The alcohol in his belly must not have been reacting like it usually did. Usually when he was this drunk, he was all movement, all instinct and none of this whiny bullshit circling around in his mind. He shook his head and refocused on the woman below him, who was arching impatiently, like he was slacking off on his erotic duties.

“Not enough for you?” he teased, his voice a calculated cruelty. If he were really cruel, he could have had her dancing on every syllable that dripped from his lips, begging for more, anything more.

“I need more,” she begged, right on time.

He ignored the pessimism creeping into his mind and again focused on her. Despite her protests, he pulled out of her and moved down, his face meeting that glorious place between her legs. Her skin was baby-smooth and she arched up in anticipation.

“Please,” she gasped, as if maybe hearing her beg would make him ravage her.

His tongue made quick work of her body and she arched up and thrust her hips out. She knew how to lead him to her sweet spot without being pushy and as he obliged her, her moans became more urgent. Her hips rocked and he drew back, letting her settle for a moment before he continued. His tongue slid through the pink warmth with fluid ease, taking in her essential taste. The moans that came out of her mouth were like sweet, erotic icing.

With a cry, she shattered apart above him. He felt her pulse around him as the orgasm ripped through her body. With the intensity of it, he would have thought that she had never had one before. When she came down off of the high, she sat up, separating herself from him.

She didn’t need any sort of cue to continue; she took off like a pro. Her body adjusted on the mussed bedding until her head was now between his legs. There was a flash of pink as her tongue slid over the latex sheath he still wore. The taste didn’t seem to bother her. She lubed him up with the moisture from her mouth, then pushed him back. He was mounted and then she was moving, her hips rolling, her head tilted back. She was the perfect image, something straight out of a pornographic film. Somehow, dumb luck had driven her to this talented woman and she had accepted him into her home…and into her body.

Yet, even as the pleasure soared, he realized he wanted more. He didn’t want this to be just another hook up where he left after he had been emptied. Maybe his best friend had been right. Maybe he needed an actual relationship with someone. If that was true, why was he thinking of that now? Why now, of all times?

“Come for me,” she panted above him, snapping him out of that line of thought. “Don’t you want to?”

Hell yes, he wanted to. The more he focused on the woman riding him, the more he wanted to give into the orgasm that was building. He focused on her again, shutting out the weird thoughts that had cluttered his brain. He focused on pleasuring her even as she rode him. Focused on those sweet cries of surprise and pleasure that flowed from her mouth like the sweetest stream. They were one entity, one movement of pleasure that soared higher, higher–

“Come inside me,” she groaned. Another orgasm took hold of her, wracking her body.

The shivering pulses from her body shot his pleasure up, over a plateau beyond his control. The release shot out of his body, completely cutting off every train of thought and then some. He didn’t know how much time had passed with the two of them coming in unison. It could have been seconds. It could have been forever. Whatever the time frame, he was lost to everything but the pleasure, only somewhat aware that she had come again as he had.

When it was over, there was a lot of panting between the both of them. Between her ragged breathing, she was praising him, loading him with compliments on how amazing he had been. He heard her, but could only vaguely nod. He had used up a lot of energy near the end. The breath ripped out of him and exhaustion crept in. He still managed to separate himself from her, pulling the full condom off of himself. Thank God there was a towel on the end of her bed from her last shower. It was still damp and vaguely smelled of the shampoo she used. He cleaned himself up and mopped the sweat off of his body.

“Let me lie here for a second and regain my breath,” he said, laying back against the damp sheets. If she had said something in return, he hadn’t heard. His body was cooling off quickly. He needed rest…

* * *

He was jerked awake by the sound of his phone vibrating. It was a sound he knew even in his sleep and as it stirred him to the land of the living, his hand shot out to shut his phone up.

That was when he realized he must have fallen asleep in her room. The apartment was silent, the sounds of their passion long since gone. He glanced around, confused, and saw her sleeping peacefully beside him, still blissfully naked. The sweat had dried on her skin and although a blush of the sex they’d had remained, she was absolutely beautiful in her sleep. A real knockout. How had he wound up with her?

Careful to not disturb her, he unlocked his phone, then adjusted the back light so he could see without being blinded. The text message that greeted him wasn’t important, just his friends’ usual bullshit. He set his phone back down and settled back against the plush pillows. Maybe another five minutes of sleep would do him good before he got out of her apartment. She probably didn’t expect him to stick around in the morning.

Five minutes of sleep somehow wound up beyond that. When he woke up again, the room was bright with morning sunlight. Sheer white curtains over the windows blocked off the worst of the sun but allowed the light to stream through.

Shit. He had only meant to sleep for a few minutes, not a few hours. He looked around to see if she was still in bed with him. The other side was empty, but the bathroom door was closed. He took this time to get up and get dressed. Maybe he could still sneak out while she was in the bathroom.

Against his luck, the bathroom door opened. Steam billowed from the space as she exited, wrapped in a fluffy white bathrobe. Her gaze lit on him, suddenly intense as it had been last night.

“You’re not the type to run away, are you?”

There was humor in her question, as if she was teasing him. Yet, in the current running under the light hearted question, he could have sworn he had heard a trace of loneliness in her tone, as if she didn’t want him to go. Could he have imagined that?

“Do you want me to run away?” he found himself asking.

The question surprised her at first, but a grin slowly made its way across her lips. “You could if you wanted to. I wouldn’t hold it against you. But you’d be missing out on the mean breakfast I’d be making. I’ve heard that I’m a killer cook.”

She was offering him breakfast after a hook up. How many women offered that? The smile on her lips was genuine. He thought that if he had walked away from her and left her apartment, then it wouldn’t affect her, just as she said. But what if he had stayed? A part of him wanted to. She was beautiful, she was hot in the sack and she was now claiming to be a good cook. He would be stupid to just leave her like she was just another easy lay he had found at the bar the previous night.

“Sure, I’ll stay. But I’ve got to warn you, I’ve got an appetite in the morning.”

She grinned at the challenge. “Well, make yourself at home. Turn the TV on, get comfy. I’ll make us something to eat.”

Could perfect strangers be more than just a casual hook up? He didn’t know for sure, but the opportunity was golden. He was going to see where the road led him.

Maybe there was more to her than he had originally thought.

This was originally released in August 2013.