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Teaser II: The Lady in the Velvet Collar

The Lady in the Velvet Collar releases July 15 (that’s tomorrow) so in celebration, here is an excerpt earlier in the book than the first teaser.  This comes from chapter four. The Lady in the Velvet Collar A novel of the Lithanar Chronicles by Jayda Myers Teaser from chapter four “You ladies have been selected this year, for potential betrothal. If… Read more →

Teaser: The Resort

Presenting the preliminary artwork of the upcoming novel The Resort! I am in love with it <3 The synopsis of The Resort  can also be found here. Just as well, here is a teaser of The Resort itself. Enjoy! The Resort Teaser of the full novel by Jayda Myers The Resort was an island-wide adult playground full of clubs, liquor… Read more →

Teaser: Private Show

Want more? Purchase the full story for Kindle. As far as Nathaniel Lewis knew, step mothers were not supposed to be pole dancers. The twenty two year old college student couldn’t help but stare as his new step mother twirled around the metal pole that stretched from floor to ceiling. This was her “dance studio,” as she called it. He… Read more →