The Resort is available for Kindle!

I had forgotten how long Kindle takes to verify things, unfortunately. I feel kind of awkward that the release date is the day the country remembers a terrorist attack, but life goes on. I see plenty of people advertising on Twitter today. I made my piece on Twitter:

However, here, on my own online home, I will be celebrating, quite crudely and without class. At least you can’t see into my real-life home, on the other side of this computer, where I am dancing about gracelessly, middle fingers in the air, showing The Resort who is boss.

It’s quite a terrible image.

September 11 is a day that I tend to stay off of most social network sites, forums and other places where the denizens of the internet gather. There’s the teary, sentimental commentary and the just plain rude. I don’t want to come off as rude on a day that I like to think of as a day of remembrance. I am beyond excited to present The Resort to the public. Hardcore advertising begins tomorrow. Prepare yourselves.

In the mean time, I highly encourage you to visit the Amazon page where The Resort is available for Kindle. Paperback is coming soon. Click the image below to be taken to Amazon!