Conquering the Fairy Queen: Available Now!

Conquering the Fairy Queen by Jayda Myers
Conquering the Fairy Queen is Available Now on Amazon Kindle!

That’s right, everyone, celebrate with me! Conquering the Fairy Queen is now available for Kindle, on Amazon for just 99 cents!

This has been a small labor of love for me, as well as an exercise in blending magic and sex. It’s been a warm up for NaNoWriMo 2017 to make sure I’m able to hit that daily word count. It was also a pretty big first for me. I’ve never blended fantasy and erotica together before, so it was definitely an interesting exercise. Who knows, I might continue to play in this world. There’s so many adventures that could be had. Magic makes the possibilities endless for both adventure and sexy encounters.

For now, I’m proud to bring you the finished product, a kingdom where magic is in the air, a kingdom at war…


Kalyn Karesean, Royal Mage of the Kingdom of Rhiliren is in trouble. Faced with losing a war against usurpers, the King has charged him with finding unusual magic to aid in the war. Kalyn and his assistant Miriam find old, forbidden magic relating to a gift only a Fairy Queen can grant. Their plan is to trap the Queen and force her into turning over her magic.

Aria Elelaren is not a Queen easily defeated. She is a warrior, she is proud. Her gift is not given to just anyone. Those worthy of her gift must best her not in battle, but in other ways Kalyn did not expect. It brings out another side of him, one that he hasn’t played with in a long time. But when the kingdom is on the line, Kalyn must play her game, even if it means stepping into a dark, erotic role he had almost forgotten about.

Get your copy here, for Kindle.