About Jayda Myers

Jayda Myers lives in the wonderful Austin, TX with her supportive husband and their pets. When she’s not busy writing, she’s indulging in her addiction to the music and the internet.

She writes erotic romance and drama, although her writing focuses on more than just sex. She wants to capture the physical connection between her characters, as well as the electric emotional connection. She wants her readers to be able to feel every gasp of breath and arch of her character’s body. She writes uncensored and unashamed, embracing sexuality as power. That kind of power is what she wants to pass on to her readers.

Jayda started writing erotica at the young age of 14, before she had ever kissed a boy or even lost her virginity. Since then, she has sharpened her skills, mixing erotic sex with a compelling story. She is outspoken, a proud feminist, kink positive, bisexual, and polyamorous. She encourages women to find their power with everything they do.