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Welcome to, home of indie author Jayda Myers. This is a home for her collection of erotic and erotic romance work. Be aware that this work is uncensored, so contents on this website can be NSFW, or 18+.

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NEWEST RELEASE: Conquering the Fairy Queen, a short story by Jayda Myers

Available exclusively for Amazon Kindle.

Conquering the Fairy Queen by Jayda Myers

Kalyn Karesean, Royal Mage of the Kingdom of Rhiliren is in trouble. Faced with losing a war against usurpers, the King has charged him with finding unusual magic to aid in the war. Kalyn and his assistant Miriam find old, forbidden magic relating to a gift only a Fairy Queen can grant. Their plan is to trap the Queen and force her into turning over her magic.

Aria Elelaren is not a Queen easily defeated. She is a warrior, she is proud. Her gift is not given to just anyone. Those worthy of her gift must best her not in battle, but in other ways Kalyn did not expect. It brings out another side of him, one that he hasn’t played with in a long time. But when the kingdom is on the line, Kalyn must play her game, even if it means stepping into a dark, erotic role he had almost forgotten about.


The Lady in the Velvet Collar, by Jayda Myers

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, as well as Createspace and Barnes & Noble.

The Lady in the Velvet Collar

Despite the glitz and glamour that surrounds the annual Bachelor’s Ball, Madison Stone avoids attending every year. She knows what awaits her if she attends. The kingdom of Lithanar has traditions she has never fully understood, where domination and submission are cultural norms. When her sister pushes her into going in her place, she finds out that the royal family is looking for women to enter the candidacy for betrothal to the crown prince, a competition where women of different social classes can have a fair chance of marrying into the royal family – as long as they abide by the expectations set by both Dominant and submissive.

Madison is one of the women chosen by Prince Damien Lithan. She is attracted to him, but inexperienced in a competition that brings out the most cutthroat behavior in some candidates. Even more threatening is a dangerous organization that disregards not only cultural boundaries between Dominant and submissive, but the kingdom’s authority as well. The closer Madison gets to the prince, the more others are threatened, and those lurking in the shadows will do whatever it takes to keep them apart.

Yet, despite the dangers, she finds herself determined to see the competition to the end. Madison isn’t sure if she will find romance or if this is just a dangerous game, but she plunges into the dark, erotic lifestyle offered to her, hoping to be more than just the lady in the velvet collar.

The Resort, by Jayda Myers

The Resort by Jayda Myers

When quiet computer expert Aiden Gregory is coerced into visiting an adult resort with his best friend, he knows he’s out of his comfort zone. The Resort is a glitzy vacation spot for adults looking for hot sex and fast hook ups. Surrounded by nude beaches and wild parties, he befriends three women. The Resort is a place where relationships are scarce and usually end after the sex does. Falling in love is a bad idea. Yet, all rules are off with Rubi Silvermoon and Eva Ramirez, two of his new friends.

Rubi and Eva are two different sides of the same party coin. Rubi is mysterious and Eva loves life. Yet, Aiden can’t help but feel as though he’s missing something. Secrets and lies tangle with love and lust. On an island where everything is gilded with glitz and glamour, Aiden must find out what is real, in both love and the truth about the Resort, even as darker forces threaten the relationships of everyone around him.

The Resort is available for Kindle.

Private Show, a short story by Jayda Myers


College student Nathaniel Lewis knew his step mother was a hot piece of work. She wasn’t much older than him and she was definitely too hot for his workaholic, midlife-crisis dad. He realizes that she’s a pole dancer and that the way she moves gives him other ideas as to what pole she could be working. Whenever he’s caught watching her dance, she gives him a private show that he’ll never forget…along with an encore after…

This short story is also available on Kindle.